Poster Session

Information for formatting your Poster

¬ Size: No larger than 100 cm X 100 cm. This is the size of the poster board; please do not exceed it
¬ The poster can either be made on one sheet (rollup) or in several small sections.
¬ Place heading in large sized type at the top of the board. List poster title, all authors and affiliations.
¬ All material should be readable from distances of about 1,5 meter. You are encouraged to use an appropriate font type.
¬ Make all print very dark (preferably block style) on a very light background.
¬ Include charts, drawings, and illustrations.
¬ All posters should be hung on Saturday May 20 morning and removed on Sunday May 21 at the end of conference.
¬ The author must be present to her/his poster during the session.